If purchasing a new or renewing an unlimited testing license through the SHL platform, you will continue to have access to all the tests you have been using as an IBM-Kenexa client. 


You may have access to skills or behavioural tests, depending on the type of unlimited testing licenses you have. 


Unlimited Testing Licenses – Test Portfolio Access:


  • 1.       Skills Tests Access: Our most commonly purchased license by staffing agencies. This includes access to technical and knowledge-based tests, including the Microsoft Office assessments, data entry, typing, spelling, grammar, and many more.
  • 2.       Behavioural Tests – Entry Level Positions Access: Behavioural tests including our Computer Adaptive Tests, Selectors, Job-Fit, Indictaors, and Motivation Questionnaires.
  • 3.       Behavioural Tests – Professional Level Positions Access: Behavioural tests including the Manager Selectors by industry and Occupational Personality Inventory (OPI).


If you would like to get access to another Test Portfolio that you do not currently have, please contact your EPSI Representative to get pricing and more information. 

 Use the Search and Language filter to find the assessments that you are looking for:

Visit the searchable IBM Kenexa Catalog on the SHL platform https://www.shl.com/en/c/global/resources/ibm-kenexa/catalog/

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