Annual testing licenses are available exclusively to staffing agencies and non-profit organizations specializing in recruitment and placement of candidates.




  • Unlimited access to all the skills tests and learning tools available on the platform for an entire year;
  • Unlimited number of completed test sessions and candidate result reports;
  • Up to 50 company administrators/platform users;
  • Unlimited client and candidate technical support through the SHL Global Support team: 
    1. Client Support Page;
    2. Candidate Support Page.
  • Free, live group training sessions and platform demonstrations hosted and scheduled by SHL Global Support. If you would like further training on how to use or configure your TalentCentral platform please register for SHL’s public training sessions or contact
  • Self-service tools and resources, including:
    1. FreshDesk;
    2. SHL Global Support Portal;
    3. TalentCentral Start Guide.



Not Included: 


The SHL TalentCentral platform is designed for clients’ autonomous use. Clients can easily manage their testing independently using the self-service training resources and technical support available through SHL at no extra cost. 


As such, any requests for assistance on the use, and implementation of, SHL’s online testing platform and assessments that fall outside of technical support are subject to project management fees. This ensures that your team will receive the necessary support and expertise from a dedicated EPSI consultant, and that the recommendations given are tailored to the needs of your organization.


Additional services with billed with project management fees:


  • Communication, coordination and strategic planning with clients.  
  • Client requests for calls, meetings, or consultations with an EPSI Representative regarding their SHL account services:
    1. Client correspondences or requests for assistance by email or phone;
    2. Explanations of logistics of any part of client’s account/services;
    3. Strategic planning and support with the transition to the SHL platform;
    4. Job description analysis;
    5. Assessment recommendations;
    6. Platform training sessions (1 hour);
    7. Requests for testing materials (ie. demo tests, test outlines, validation reports, etc.)


Project Management


Number of Units



Project Management Fees* 

*Billed only if used, after Client term begins.
*Billed at month end if usage occurs.
 For information on what services have PM fees, please see following page.

One (1) hour


Per use*

Total Cost:

Per use*